30.03.2019. Embracing our Body and Mind / Choreographic and Improvisational Workshop “amanda science”

Amanda K. Miller former artistic director of Pretty Ugly Dance Company, Ballett Freiburg/Pretty Ugly, Former dancer and resident choreographer at Ballett Frankfurt artistic director William Forsythe.

This will be an open platform for dancers and non-dancers to create dialogues with one another, not through a linear process—but through risk-taking, intuitive thinking, and resonant response, through listening to the space within the music, becoming aware of the nuances of the movement, attempting to balance and coordinate, to shift our perception of the stage and communicate effectively with each other and with the audience.

Miller’s instructional method involves the Rudolf Laban 9-point system, and techniques derived from years of experience in classical ballet, and as both dancer and choreographer in a range of different forms of contemporary dance and multi-disciplinarian events. The nine-point system has been an organizing principle for her in creating work for as many as 35 people, or as few as one, working with dancers, musicians, artist, monks and children. The use of spatial and mathematical diagrams, structural improvisations and graphic scores will also be practiced. There are no borders only bridges and all are welcome.

*Hiraeth – an untranslatable Welsh word for longing for home or returning to a particular period of our lives connected with the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your path.

Amanda K. Miller about her practice: “It’s a breaking of habits; creating freedoms and discovering new thought patterns and vocabulary. It is becoming transparent to ourselves and others through our own bodies. Communication becomes easier, more fearless, and more authentic. True expression”. Amanda K. Miller; www.amandakmiller.com.