“In Suspension” solo with Arti Grabowski

IN SUSPENSION is an intimate visual and physical performance. It is a dramatic attempt to tackle the taboo subject of oncological disease. It is a story about the struggle with suffering, pain…and hope. The performance is an epitaph for Marta Paradecka.

Direction: Arti Grabowski
Acting: Monika Wachowicz
Text: Marta Paradecka, Monika Wachowicz and Arti Grabowski
Screp: Marta Paradecka, Monika Wachowicz and Arti Grabowski
Technical crew: Grzegorz Król
Musical arrangement: Mirosław Matyasik
Text from the off: Amelia-Helena Mazur
Duration of the performance: 60 minutes

Teatr Rozbark in Bytom
Fundacja Teatr IOTA
Monika Wachowicz Studio Ciała i Emocji
Teatr A Part


First night performance: 18.11.2018. Teatr Rozbark in Bytom/Poland
Premiere: 5.01.2019. Teatr Rozbark in Bytom/Poland
Teatr Rozbark w Bytomiu/Poland, 18.11.2018,
Teatr Rozbark w Bytomiu/Poland, 05.01.2019, premiere
Teatr Rozbark w Bytomiu/Poland, 11 and 12.04.2019
Teatr KANA w Szczecinie/Poland, KONTRAPUNKT, 54 Przegląd Teatrów Małych Form, 09.05.2019
25. International Performing Arts Festival A Part/Poland, 13.06.2019
12. Festival of Alternative Arts in Krosno/Poland, 05.09.2019
V. Festival of Independent Theatres Andromedon in Teatr Mały in Tychy in Poland, 15.09.2019


In her monodrama created with Arti Grabowski, Monika has paid tribute to her close friend, Marta Paradecka (actress and co-funder of Teatr A Part) who died of cancer last year.

The play is based on Susan Sontag’s essays, Karl Jaspers’ philosophy and Marta Paradecka’s diary. We can find there all those terrific emotions that suffering people and their families have to face. Fear, helplessness, anger, suffering, the loss of dignity, grief, depression, getting used to the worst, but also enormous power, determination and faith in the impossible.

Human being defines their existence through choosing and making decisions in their lives. The concept of freedom includes this possibility of making choice, however the absolute freedom does not exist. We are limited by many relations, difficulties, reasons and outcomes. Our life goes on in a particular reality, in a particular historical and social moment, in a particular body with determined possibilities and characteristics. It is always difficult to understand that we are not able to do everything. According to Karl Jaspers, in the critical situations we confront borders and then we realize how fragile our live is. Serious illness can be such a situation when we loose our faith in individual agency and it shows us our terrific helplessness.

The good thing is that in the end of the performance we are left with the light, hope and victory. There is an impulse to life, more valuable life, life without being random.

Aneta Zasucha “Na Stronie”. Festiwal A Part