Theater workshops

I conduct an educational and artistic activity. It includes theatre, music, dance, photography, poetry and movies. I focus on solo projects, e. x. theatre workshops for individuals, companies and organized groups, who through art seek to develop themselves and their employees, use imagination and release their body from schemes of life.

The schedule of classes is my solo project.
You will not find it in any workbook.

The workshop schedule:
During the workshop, we get to know ourselves one more time. In order to experience it, everyone can find and nurture a child within. This is where a source of memories and magic of life is. This place contains validity and conviction that what we do and feel is right. Then, the reality surrounding us, like in a kaleidoscope, changes its face. It may inspire and hone our existence again. I can compare this task to a skiing child. The child does not have any obstacles, insecurities , schemes or prison bars imposed for years by our culture, customs and social conditions. The kid does not ask: ‘Aren’t the skis too slippery? Aren’t they too small or too big? Is the hill’s surface (un)even? Is the dress appropriate? Is the color of clothing okay? ’. The child isn’t scared of falling, breaking a leg, bumping into a tree. The child doesn’t care that he is surrounded but many other people. He is not afraid of their observance and judging. Putting skis on the kid’s feet, he courageously and beautifully hits the road and skies. This is what we should be like in our actions.

The range of topics:

Body training;
Working with partner and co-giving;
Voice training.

I invite you to cooperation.

Photo: Krzycho Fabiański