Welcome to solo “Hourglass” (“Klepsydra”) to Katowice

We invite you to the solo performance “Hourglass” on Sunday, February 9 at 7 pm. 

This is the oldest performance of the Teatr A Part to date, which we resume after almost 3 years for the Katowice audience. The performance was presented nearly 60 times in 15 countries.

Booking: rezerwacjeapart@wp.pl.


“Hourglass” (“Klepsydra”) is an intimate physical theatre solo project by actress Monika Wachowicz. The word “klepsydra” in Polish language contains two significances. It means “an hourglass”, but also “obituary notice”. The performance is almost non-verbal solo, joining the poetic of theatre of body, gestures and emotions as well as elements of dance theatre.

The show is a kind of a mourning ritual, last meeting, longing. In the show we can find references to the artistic works of Milan Kundera and Krzysztof Kieślowski.

script, stage moving and direction:
Marcin Herich

script co-operation, stage moving and acting: Monika Wachowicz

music: fragments of works by Archive and Keith Jarrett

text: travesty of fragment of poem “Thirty-year Woman” by Ryszard Krynicki

first night performance: 2007
duration of the performance: 40 minutes

More about the performance: